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Discover how Luxus Developments pioneers transformative solutions in border post modernization, offering unparalleled expertise in construction, operations, and comprehensive border post services.

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About Us

The inception of Luxus Developments traces back to its founder, Francois Diedrechsen, the co-lead sponsor, co-developer, and the CEO of the ground-breaking Beitbridge Border Post modernisation project in Zimbabwe.

Luxus Developments offers comprehensive services for the establishment, enhancement, and maintenance of government border posts, providing a seamless solution from inception to operation.

Our Services

Luxus Developments is dedicated to providing efficient and effective solutions for government border posts, combining construction capabilities, operational expertise, and strategic collaborations to achieve our goals.

Border Post Services:

We specialize in offering end-to-end solutions for government border posts…

Construction Services:

Our expertise extends to construction, where we excel in modernizing border posts…

Operational Expertise:

Luxus Developments is not just about construction; we have a deep understanding…

What we’ve done

Luxus jointly led, the Consortium which was awarded a concession agreement in 2017 for the large-scale modernisation and upgrade to the Beitbridge border post. The expansion project, valued at US$300 million, includes a complete upgrade and modernisation of the Beitbridge Border Post, utilising the latest technologies available…


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