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Upgrade to the Beitbridge border post

Luxus jointly led, the Consortium which was awarded a concession agreement in 2017 for the large-scale modernisation and upgrade to the Beitbridge border post.

The expansion project, valued at US$300 million, includes a complete upgrade and modernisation of the Beitbridge Border Post, utilising the latest technologies available. A total rebuild of the outdated infrastructure to provide a seamless and easy conversion into a One-Stop Border Post. All terminal buildings have sufficient capacity to accommodate officials from both the Government of Zimbabwe and the Republic of South Africa.

Several social and environmental projects were accommodated to support the town of Beitbridge.

The Beitbridge Border Post project was a phased approach with three phases. The first phase for Freight/commercial vehicles went live on 6 October 2021. Phase 2 for Minibus/Coaches/Light Goods Vehicles went live on 1 June 2022, and for Light Vehicles/Passengers on 5 December 2022.

Key Values and Benefits

Key Values and Benefits commercial operators received by utilising the new Beitbridge border post.

Reduced Crossing Time (Increased Profitability):

The improved facilities increase the efficiency of the total logistic operation. Due to the reduced time to cross the border, this results in a quicker turnaround time and allows for more trips for commercial operators, positively affecting their bottom line.

Advanced & Upgraded Technology (Including Payment System):

The complete upgrade of the ICT at the border adds to the efficiency, resulting in quick and smooth processing at each department at the border. This includes pre-payment capabilities, credit card facilities, and electronic once-off payment for all border post fees.

Streamlined Procedures:

The re-engineering of the procedures, technology, and flow of activities at the border resulted in streamlined processing. This reduced corruption as the ecosystem minimises the opportunity for corrupt officials to exploit commercial operations and travellers.

Benefits to
the Government of Zimbabwe

The government of Zimbabwe benefited drastically from the upgrade and modernisation of the Beitbridge Border. The introduction of sophisticated ICT systems, state of the art facilities, and streamlined procedures equipped the Government of Zimbabwe to:

  • Increase tax revenues collected at the border.
  • Reduce corrupt activities at the border due to streamlined border procedures and the implementation of state-of-the-art technology.
  • Obtain monthly reporting to analyse and show key statistical insights on the progress of border flow.
  • Curtail leakage of much-needed customs duties and preventing illegal trade at the border due to non-capture capture of traffic.

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